The Little Disco Company

Specialising in Birthday
Parties, School's, Weddings and Family Celebrations in Bristol, the
Southwest and surrounding areas.

tel: 01275 880427
mobile: 07796 958164


Magicians never reveal their secrets...

OH go on then - but promise not to share what I have taught you. Our magic workshops are great fun and a wonderful way to entertain and occupy your children during the holidays.

Each workshop lasts for an hour and is recommended for a minimum of six children from age 6 and above, at the end of which each child should be able to perform at least four tricks. I supply all that is required (mostly everyday items so they can do them again and again).

Let your children amaze you! They will - after a magic workshop with Disco Steve - award-winning Magician and Entertainer.

So, does the next Dynamo or David Blaine live in your house?

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