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Entertained    from the very start

From the moment the childen arrive they are captivated: party music plays in the background as bubbles and lights fill the air

"Party!" announces Disco Steve, encouraging as much excitement as possible. The games and magic begin and every child is eagerly joining in along with the Mums and Dads.


 Belly -laughs and screams of delight as - Wizzard the Dog creates hilarious havoc, 

 How Disco Steve captures their imagination is simply amazing.


The birthday girl or boy are encouraged to join Disco Steve on stage and are made the star of their own show!

Time for food, but what's this? Wizzard is back and causing chaos around the table; the children are in fits of laughter! Here comes the birthday cake: "Happy Birthday," rings out and, "Three cheers". 

Lights down and… Disco! Ooohs and aahhs are heard as the disco lights are switched on,  we're all dancing along  with classic party tunes and the latest chart hits! Everyone becomes a Star Dancer and we all  agree…THAT was the best party ever!

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