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Keep the children entertained

Let's face it, if you are aged between 4 and 10 a wedding can be pretty boring - you have to be on best behaviour while someone you have never met before tells you how much you have grown. You have to sit and be quiet during the speeches and all there is to do after the meal is slide up and down the dance floor or run under the tables. 

But wait, what if you had your own hour of amazing entertainment? 

A children's hour is ideal for weddings where the younger guests can have the time of their lives. Having their own show featuring magic, music games and puppets. The grown-ups are left at peace to enjoy the speeches and other formalities. 

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The children's hour can be used in the early part of the evening, I can work with your DJ or band to provide as a great opener to the nights festivities.


Very often the grown-ups join in as well, making wonderful memories to take with you.

- Disco Steve

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